Yun Ju Sung

Associate Professor

Dr. Sung is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics. She received a PhD in Statistics from the University of Minnesota in 2003 and did post-doctoral research in Medical Genetics at the University of Washington from 2003 to 2006.

Dr. Sung’s research interest is in the genomic underpinning of human complex diseases. She has been working on various methodological developments, with particular attention to their applicability to real data. Since joining Washington University, she has worked on several projects dealing with GWAS consortia, imputation of genotypes in various multi-ethnic family studies for which the Division serves as the data Coordinating Center, analysis of sequence data, and analysis of rare variants using various statistical methods. Her recent work focuses on deciphering the genetic and environmental architecture of cardio-metabolic traits by incorporating gene-environment (GxE) interactions. She is currently a member of the CHARGE Consortium, Pharmacogenomics and Gene-Lifestyle Working Groups.

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