Linda Schreier

Senior Project Manager

Linda Schreier is the Program Administrator of the PRIDE Program focused on Cardiovascular Disease Comorbidities, Genetics, & Epidemiology. She joined the University in 1986 and transferred to the Division in April 2007. She received her B.S. from Maryville University in May 1986.

As Program Administrator for PRIDE CVD-CGE (Programs to Increase Diversity Among Individuals Engaged in Health-Related Research (formerly SIPID), Ms. Schreier is responsible for working with the Program Directors and Executive Committee to manage the program, recruit mentees, coordinate arrangements for speakers and mentees, and participate in meetings and conference calls. Responsibilities also include maintaining the website, developing recruitment materials, preparing NIH progress reports, and corresponding with speakers, mentees, mentors, other PRIDE sites and NHLBI.

Linda also supports the PRIDE Coordination Core and the Gene-Lifestyle Interactions Research Study (DC Rao, PI).