Jack Baty

Research Statistician

Jack Baty is a Research Statistician. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Central College in Pella, IA and has done graduate work in psychology and statistics at San Diego State University and Baylor University. He has been with the Division of Biostatistics since 1989.

Jack has been a data analyst for a variety of projects, including Alzheimers Disease Research Center studies, the Clinical Investigation of Duchenne Dystrophy, the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center, and the McDonnell Stroke Center. He has also been a statistical consultant on dozens of projects for researchers from the Medical School and Hilltop campus on topics ranging from Alzheimer’s Disease to Whooping Cough. Recently he has also been designing web-based data-entry systems that allow data entry from widely distributed sites.

In addition to his statistical duties, Jack is also the Biostatistics Technical Coordinator for Statistical Packages. This requires keeping up to date on with the latest advances in SAS software and helping to coordinate updates to the Division’s statistical software, as well as being a trouble-shooter for faculty and staff statistical-computing problems.