Peter Dore

Data Base Analyst

Peter Doré came to the Division of Biostatistics in June of 2017 after 27+ years as the Director of Data Management in the Brown School of Social Work.  Peter currently serves as a Data Base Analyst for the Division as part of the Data Coordinating Center for 4 multi-site research studies.

Peter received his B.S. in Psychology from Virginia Tech in 1988 and his M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Missouri in St. Louis in 1991.  His experience in Social Work has given him strong skills at collecting data in tough situations (homeless studies, prison studies), and getting the most out of every dollar in lower budget situations.  His skills include data management, project staff management, study logistics, quality control, and data analysis.

Currently Peter’s projects involve a private practice based weight loss study (PLAN), a Sickle Cell education network, an investigational clinical drug trial with elderly females recovering from Hip fracture (STEP-HI), and an investigational clinical trial pilot aimed at improving success in lung transplant surgery.  Many of these studies have been medium to large multi-center trials, and the majority have been primary data collection intervention studies, and most involved mental health interventions or outcomes.