PRIDE Mentor Information

PRIDE Summer Institute in Cardiovascular Genetics & Epidemiology

With a focus on Cardiovascular and other Heart, Lung, Blood and Sleep Disorders

Faculty Mentoring

Mentoring is the single most important factor that contributes to academic success. Those with mentors are more likely to make timely progress toward their goals and careers. This collaboration allows mentees to meet the various challenges of their careers. Mentors are matched to Mentees based on backgrounds and research interests.

Responsibilities of Mentors

The mentor’s responsibilities include:

  • Provide support, direction, insight and assistance with writing grant proposals, including study design, methods, analysis, and dissemination of results, including grantsmanship issues.
  • Attend and provide feedback at grant development sessions for Mentees (primarily at lunch time).
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration, networking, and advancement through recommendations for committee membership and authoring scholarly review articles and book chapters.
  • Meet with the Mentee and provide formal feedback on a continuous basis as the Mentee develops research plans.
  • Work with the Mentor Team and provide sustained mentoring to the Mentee.
  • Be committed to providing 3 Years of active mentorship, with follow up mentoring as needed to help the Mentee develop an independent research program.
  • Spend 1-2 days with the Mentee at a mid-year meeting to review and assist with revisions of written research plans.
  • Attend 2-3 day Mentor Networking and Training meeting to be held in the Washington, DC area with all sites and NHLBI.

Leadership Committee* and Mentors at Washington University in St Louis
PRIDE-CGE Summer Institute Program

Mentor Department(s)
Mario Castro, MD, MPH* Pulmonary Diseases
F. Sessions Cole, III, MD Pediatrics-Newborn Medicine
Victor Davila-Roman, MD, FACC, FASE* Cardiology
Lisa de las Fuentes, MD, MD* Cardiology
Charles Gu, PhD Division of Biostatistics
Andrew Heath, DPhil Psychiatry
Aldi Kraja, DSc, PhD* Genetics-Div of Statistical Genomics
Ronald Krone, MD, FACC, FSCAI Cardiology
Pamela Madden, PhD Psychiatry
Douglas Mann, MD Cardiology
Aubrey Morrison, MD, FACP, FRCP(C), FRCP(I) IM-Renal Division
Michael Province, PhD* Genetics
Susan Racette, PhD* Program in Physical Therapy
D.C. Rao, PhD Division of Biostatistics
John Rice, PhD Psychiatry
Ting Wang, PhD* Genetics