Students interested in taking a single course in the Division of Biostatistics without enrolling in a degree or certificate program should contact the Program Manager for information on registration and request required permission of the Course Master. If approved, a registration form must be submitted.

If you are receiving tuition funding from either the Washington University employee tuition benefit, a Washington University department or from grant funding, there are additional forms you will need to complete.

Qualified Washington University employees only: Summer, intensive courses may qualify for 50% tuition remission (up to seven credits per semester). It is the responsibility of the student to apply for this (see the Human Resources web site for details and the appropriate form needed).

For Washington University employees whose departments or grants are paying for their tuition, specific forms must be filled out by the employee, approved by the department/division, and forwarded to the Benefits Office as noted on the form. See the Medical School Human Resources home page and go to “Forms”.

Priority is given to students enrolled in the MS programs in biostatistics. If we are unable to accommodate your request for admission, you will be contacted prior to the start of classes.

Computer Training Required

All students in the Biostatistics programs and non-Biostatistics students are required to attend computer access and UNIX trainings. This training is offered during orientation week in the summer semester. Arrangements will be made for courses not offered during the summer.

Tuition and Payment Information

All students must meet eligibility criteria for taking any course. See course descriptions for prerequisites and permission for each course. The following rates apply for the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • For course credit: $1,450 per credit hour
  • For official audit: $725 per credit hour


Students interested in auditing individual courses must first obtain the permission of the course instructor. To begin the process, contact the Program Manager at or by telephone at (314) 362-1384. Acceptance will be determined by eligibility and the class enrollment size. Auditors will be required to register for selected courses with the Program Manager and to pay the appropriate auditing tuition for the course through Webstac or Student Accounting. No one is allowed to “sit in” on a course without paying tuition.

Expectations for auditing courses

  1. Auditors will not be given access to computer labs or accounts.
  2. Homework will not be collected or graded.
  3. Auditors will not participate in exams.
  4. Auditor will not receive credit. The designation of “audit” will be received upon successful completion, if attendance was regular.

Courses Exempt from Auditing (list may change without notice)

  1. Introduction to R Primer for Data Science (M21-506)
  2. Statistical Computing with SAS® (M21-503)
  3. Computational Statistical Genetics (M21-621)

Tuition is due at least one week before the first class meeting date. Students can check their account status and make payments online via WebSTAC. Tuition paid by check should indicate the student’s official name and student ID number and should be mailed to:

Washington University in St. Louis
P.O. Box 14627
St. Louis, MO 63150-4627

Visit the Financial Services website for further payment instructions.