The Division of Biostatistics, established in 1966, provides biostatistical consultation in a wide range of areas including the statistical design of experiments and clinical trials, protocol development, database management, analysis of data and interpretation of results. Some of the areas of special strength and expertise include clinical trials, cardiovascular biostatistics, cancer biostatistics, genetic epidemiology, computing and statistical packages. The level of experience and the area of expertise of each of the many faculty and staff members participating in consultation may be reviewed by visiting the Division of Biostatistics Faculty and Staff website. The division is well-equipped to provide assistance at the stage of preparing grant applications, including careful discussions and written sections on study design, sample size calculations, randomization schemes, computer resources and data analysis. A number of our faculty have extensive experience on NIH study sections which can help in understanding what components of a proposal are looked at carefully by a review panel.

Organizations and services

The Biostatistics Consulting Service is a fee-for-service facility that provides assistance to investigators both within the University and outside.  Since this is an A-21 compliant facility, the cost of the service can be charged to grants under the ‘Other Expense’ category.  The facility is directed by Kenneth B. Schechtman, PhD, and all faculty and staff in the division participate in the consulting service.  The faculty and staff have a wide range of expertise and is matched to the specific needs of the investigator.


The rates for WUSTL and external, non-WUSTL investigators are indicated below.

InvestigatorRate (effective 7/1/21)Initial consultation meeting*New grant preparation for funding submission
WashU$100/hrUp to one hour free per projectUp to four hours free**
$100/hr thereafter
External (non-WashU) – ICTS Member$125/hrUp to one hour free per projectUp to four hours free**
$125/hr thereafter
External (non-WashU)$200/hrUp to one hour free per project$200/hr
* The initial consultation meeting is intended to enable the consultant to assess the project’s needs and to provide a basic level of consultation to facilitate ongoing support. Initial consultation meetings do not include computations or analyses. Initial consultation meeting times in excess of one hour will be charged at the above rates.
** New Grant Preparation for Funding Submission:
Up to four hours will be free, provided that:
(1) The Division of Biostatistics personnel will be included in the execution of the protocol, and
(2) The submitted grant budget includes a percent effort for one or more named statisticians from the Division of Biostatistics

Contact information

Kenneth Schechtman, PhD, director of the Biostatistics Consultation Service, can be reached at 314-362-2271 or He will assess the investigator’s needs in order to assign a consultant.

Any questions regarding billing or help requesting a consultation, contact the Project Manager, Rita Fulton, at 314-747-0829 or

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